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  • FLOW

This category does not require hard pole tricks, they are just an accent in the whole dance composition. The main attention is given to “near pole” choreography, which includes poses, footpaths and floor work



Is a style that is returning to the roots of exotic pole dance.

The main attention is given to sensuality, femininity and passion!

Classic in all its best!


  • HARD

Spark off tricks and choreography as much as you can and dance cool as mad!!!!

Your tricks have to be orchestic and we have to see an outstanding show, not a set of just different elements on the pole.

Image, idea and composition are important!!



This category suits for those who just joined exotic pole dance style and for those who are in transition stage between amateur and intermediate.

No teachers/instructors! The athlete must never have participated in a competition, or never have been at a higher level than the amateur!

The head jury will evaluate the level, if this is not suitable for the category, the athlete will be moved to the category closest to her level and will be penalized by 5 points on the final evaluation

We want to see a unique and special dance technique.



Groups or duets can take part in this category.

Here we want to see a “real show” without rules and restrictions!



This category is for participants who want make a real theatre show.

A performance with a story to tell, with most elaborate image and screenplay.

ATTENTION: extras are allowed for a performance!


  • MALE

This category is reserved for men.

Is allowed to perform in a favorite pole dance style

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